Your Personal Organic Farmer

A weekly subscription to fresh organic vegetables.
Freshly plucked and delivered to your doorstep.

Welcome to Aura Organic Kitchen Garden.

We grow seasonal vegetables organically to share with friends and family who value eating healthy clean, and pesticide free food.

At Aura OKG, we make our own organic pesticide to keep the bugs away, and the vegetables are fresh, tasty and flavorful. Organic vegetables are free of pesticides & chemicals, and are clean and tasty.

Deliveries are currently made to the city of Chandigarh & New Chandigarh only, and if you wish to receive weekly organic vegetables at your doorstep, please sign up for the service below.

If you reside in Panchkula or Mohali, go ahead and register and we will let you know when we are ready to deliver to you.

We will add you to our broadcast group on WhatsApp and keep you informed of deliveries and other updates. You will receive updates from +91-98155-48782 therefore please save this number on your phone as Aura OKG or Atul Gupta.

Please note that deliveries are made during the day between 12 noon and 4 pm, so please ensure someone is available to receive the produce grown for you.

Sample basket of 12-14 Kgs of veggies delivered each week.

Subscribe to your Weekly Organic Seasonal Veggies

  • Fill in the form to sign up for this service.
  • You will be required to make the first payment now as a deposit to confirm your subscription.
  • Please select the number of units you require; each unit is a Rs.3000/-subscription.
  • You will start receiving weekly produce 4-6 weeks from the date you sign up.
  • Each week you will receive one basket full of organic veggies (4-deliveries a month). Delivery is free of charge.
  • We will collect the subsequent subscription amount of Rs.3000/- month during the first week’s delivery of produce each month.
  • Please keep the payment handy and someone available to receive the produce.
  • We will leave the delivered basket with you, and upon the next delivery, we will deliver a filled basket, and you will need to return the empty one from the previous week.
  • In the event of cancellation of your subscription, the deposit amount will be returned to you in cash or one month’s supply of produce will be delivered.
  • Please contact in case of any queries.
  • Please note, we do not deliver to Mohali & Punchkula yet

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